Seed - Sweet Pea Ripple Mix


1 RHS Sweet Pea Ripple Mix seed pack 

(Botanical name: Lathyrus latifolius

Pack Size 20 seeds


Striking large striped flowers that are delicately scented. Mix contains a lovely blend of shades and colours to provide a variety of interest to the garden. Excellent for cutting and for training up a support. Easy to grow cottage garden favourite providing plenty of flowers. Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit for reliability and good performance.

Plant Height: 180cm

How to Grow:

Sow thinly, cover with 12mm (1/2in) of fine soil. Firm gently and water. Beds should not require additional watering until seedlings have emerged. Seedlings appear in 10-14 days.

Thin seedlings as necessary to 45cm (18in) apart. Keep weed free and moist.

When to Sow/Plant Seed:

Late Summer & Autumn


12-14 weeks

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