Seed - Sunflower Tall Timber F1


1 RHS Sunflower Tall Timber F1 seed pack. 

(Botanical name: Helianthus annuus

Pack Size 25 seeds


This sunflower variety grows exceptionally tall producing large richly coloured single flowers. The perfect flower to add into the garden as a feature. Easy and quick to grow ensuring high quality pollen free flowers. Popular with children and ideal as a cut flower for floral arrangements.

Plant Height: 250-300cm.

How to Grow:

Sow two seeds together 12mm (1/2in) deep in clumps 30cm (12in) apart. Firm down gently and keep moist. Seedlings appear in approximately 10-14 days.

Thin to the strongest seedlings when 5cm (2in) tall. Water regularly in dry weather.

When to Sow/Plant Seed:

Spring to Summer


10-12 weeks

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