Seed - Lettuce Mixed Contrasts


1 RHS Lettuce Mixed Contrasts seed pack

(Botanical Name: Lactuca sativa) 

Pack Size 500 seeds


Get maximum colour contrast from this blend of attractive and tasty leaves. The leaves colour early and can be picked as baby or larger leaves. Very productive crop as plants can be harvested multiple times. The crisp delicious leaves are wonderful in fresh salads and sandwiches, and are a great source of vitamins.

How to Grow: 

Sow 3mm (1/8 in) deep in clumps. Cover with a fine layer of soil or compost and firm gently. Keep soil moist. Seedlings appear in 6-10 days.

Thin to strongest seedlings spacing 10cm (4in) apart both ways. For baby leaves thin to 5cm (2in) apart. Water often as lettuce have shallow roots. Cut leaves when 5-7cm (2-3in) high just above the crown.

When to Sow/Plant Seed: 

All year round 


8-10 weeks

Soil Type:

Compost, fertile


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