Willow Woods Fairy Garden Kit

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A visit to Willow Woods is like a visit to grandmas, where the skies are always blue, the coffee is always hot and the house always feels like home.

Willow Woods Fairy Garden Kit features a collection of beautiful pieces, specially selected for their warmth and woodland charm.

The house is a cosy hobbit style home with a brick facade. Opening the traditional round door reveals a beautifully styled interior. The grey stone stoop features ornaments pots, a barrel and broom. Window boxes are positioned beneath the round windows and a lantern is located by the door.

A beautiful gold rimmed white porcelain coffee pot with matching cups and saucers are a welcoming and familiar treat for visitors who settle in at the comfy wood-slice style table. A wishing well, mini terracotta pots and mailbox are included in this fairy garden kit, along with a sweet little bunny and her kitten, both wearing pretty flower crowns on the heads.

  • Brick House has a hinged, opening door and internal styling
  • Coffee Pot (including lid) measures 6cm high and the coffee cups are 1cm high, Saucers – 1.6cm diam each
  • Woodland Table Set includes 5 pieces. Stools measure 1.5cm high, 2cm diam. Table measures 2.5cm high, 5.5cm diam.
  • Wishing Well has a turning crank

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