Tulip Fringed Duo

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Our beautiful Tulip Fringed Duo (Tulipa hybrida) will create a wonderful display in your garden or pot. Consisting of 3 each of two varieties (separately labelled), these fringed beauties complement each other perfectly.

Curly Sue– Dark purple blooms with frilly serrated petals.

Louvre– With an iridescent purple haze and silvery fringed petals this variety is simply stunning!

Fringed Tulips have long lasting blooms with unusual frilly edges on strong tall stems.

Tulips prefer a full sun to part shade position and are ideal for pots and containers. Plant the bulbs when the ground begins to cool in late April – May if required place the bulbs in the crisper in aerated plastic or paper bags (away from fruit) 4-6 weeks prior to planting. Flowers mid – late spring. Late season flowering.

Supplied as dormant bulbs.

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