The 2021 Rose Garden Collection

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Our 2021 Rose Garden Collection includes 6 sensational roses for you to plant now and enjoy stunning summer blooms!

Beautiful Girl Rose

  • There’s a silvery hint on the rich pink petals of this antique-shaped Grandiflora. The tight, Perfumed blooms are ideal for cut flowers. Height 1.5m.

Desdemona Rose

  • The exquisite, creamy white, chalice-shaped blooms have an Old Rose fragrance. Put a single rounded bush in a pot or plant in rows. Height 1m. 

Fruity Parfuma Rose

  • These bright coral-red balls come with an intoxicating fragrance, dripping with raspberries, rhubarb and patchouli. Height 80cm-1m.

Golden Beauty Rose

  • The glowing amber blooms come in large clusters. Made for hot, dry climates where the fragrant flowers won’t fade. Height to 1.5m.

Quick Silver Rose

  • A climber with class, the large, rich mauve blooms have a sweet fragrance that will fill your garden on warm evenings. Spreads to 2.5m.

Summer Romance Rose

  • Double and quartered blooms explode in pleasures of pink with a captivating spicy apple scent. The Kordes breed has won many awards. Height 80cm.


Sent as bare-rooted roses.

Please note Roses will ship from mid-June.

Freight per order: $18.00 Australia only 
WA Quarantine Surcharge per order: $16.50 ($34.50 total for WA delivery)

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