Seed - Capsicum Sweet Redskin F1


1 RHS Capsicum Sweet Redskin F1 seed pack

(Botanical Name: Capsicum annuum)  

Pack Size 10 seeds


Capsicum Redskin is a true dwarf plant that still produces large 10-13cm (4-5in) fruits with thick walls and sweet mild flavour. This high yielding variety produces glossy green fruit that mature to bright red early in the season. The dwarf sized plants have a spreading and cascading habit that make it a wonderful choice for windowsills, patios or container gardening.
Winner of an RHS Award of Garden Merit for reliability and good performance.

How to Grow:

Sow 5mm (¼in) deep. Cover with a fine layer of compost and firm gently. Keep moist. Seedlings appear in 10-14 days. 

Transplant seedlings to final position when large enough to handle or 15cm (6in) tall. Choose a warm sunny sheltered spot outside. Space the plants 50cm (20in) apart into well-drained soil. Keep weed free and moist.

Prepare the planting site well with compost and pre-planting fertiliser. To ensure healthy crops apply a liquid feed every 2-3 weeks once flowers form. In windy areas, support the branches with stakes or canes.

When to Sow/Plant Seed:

Early Spring through Summer. All year in sub-tropical areas.


10-12 weeks

Soil Type:

Well drained, sunny position


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