Scrub Daddy Starter Pack


Scrub Daddy Starter Pack            

Make washing up easy with Scrub Daddy Starter pack. Scrub Daddy is the smiley-faced sponge that is taking over the world. Scrub Daddy is made from FlexTexture® that changes texture based on the temperature of water you are using, firm in cold water, soft in warm. The entire range is scratch-free on almost all surfaces and has been lab-tested to resist odours for up to eight weeks.

The Scrub Daddy Starter Pack also includes the Eraser Daddy which can tackle a house full of jobs. Just dampen the PowErase side with warm water to spot clean and remove scuffs, marks and fingerprints on hard surfaces.

The Scrub Daddy Starter Pack has the most popular products, to help you out all around the home.

Scrub Daddy Starter Pack contains:

  • Scrub daddy original 1 pack
  • Scrub daddy colors blue 1 pack
  • Scrub daddy lemon fresh 1 pack
  • Scrub mommy pink 1 pack
  • Sponge daddy 4 pack
  • Scour daddy 3 pack
  • Eraser daddy 10x 2 pack

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