Pursonic Smart touch X3 Dehumidifier


Purify your home with the Pursonic 600ml Smart Touch X3 Dehumidifier.

This dehumidifier uses thermo-electric (Peltier) technology to remove moisture quickly from the air, keeping you comfortable and cool.

This versatile dehumidifier is suitable for use in small spaces, such as your bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, basement, or wardrobe. It is also easy to use, with one touch control.

- Brand: Pursonic
- Model: Smart Touch X3
- Peltier technology
- Low power consumption
- 600ml capacity
- One-touch control
- Quiet operation
- Portable design
- Colour: White, Green
- Modern and elegant design
- Auto turn off function when tank is full
- Easy to clean
- Easy to use

- Product Size: 14.6cm x 14.6cm x 22.6cm
- Working Capacity: 300ml/D
- Coverage Area: 15m2 (approx.)
- Input: AC100-240V. 50/60Hz

Package Contents:
- 1 x Dehumidifier


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