Log House Fairy Home Kit

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We believe in fairies - we do, we do! A hollowed out log is just the place for a fairy and her feathered friends to call home. Fairy Kalea is the kindest of fairies and spends her days caring for visiting birds and fairy friends. She fashioned a log into a humble but cozy home for herself. Fairy Kalea's friends often drop by for a slice of her famous toadstool crumble cake. She picks the mushrooms fresh from her garden and can often be heard whistling a beautiful tune with her bird friends while she bakes. If you are lucky enough to enjoy a slice of Fairy Kalea's toadstool crumble cake, don't forget to leave some crumbs for visiting birds!

Included in the Log House Fairy Home Kit:

  • Fiddlehead Log House
  • "We Believe In Fairies" Butterfly Sign
  • Set of five Glowing Acorn Lights
  • Set of five Micro Fly Agaric Mushrooms
  • Mini Barrel Planter
  • Fairy Kalea with Chick
  • Woodland Wire & Post Fence
  • Set of six Ancient Stepping Stones - Round
  • Pink Acorn Bird House

All products are made from polystone and are suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

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