Lilium Pearl Frances (Lilium hybrid) is a beautiful LA Hybrid that shows off soft creamy white flowers with a luminescent pearly sheen.

Pack of 3

LA Hybrids are a combination of both the Asiatic & Longiflorum Lilium and produces a larger Asiatic style flower with the added stem length and fragrance of the Longiflorum. Stem length is approximately 90cm tall and usually produces 4-5 blooms per stem. Bulbs will flower approx. 15 weeks after planting.

Liliums require a well drained soil; heavy or clay soils are completely unsuitable as the bulbs will run the risk of rotting. Protection from strong winds is recommended as their stems and flowers are easily damaged. Liliums prefers a full sun position and are ideal for growing in pots and containers. For best results always use a potting mix for bulbs and be sure to fertilise on a regualr basis.

Supplied as dormant bulbs.

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