Hidden Hill Fairy Garden Kit

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Welcome to the home of Fairy Mike! This friendly fella’ and his squirrel friend live in a beautiful bungalow, hidden in a hill far far away.

Mike’s home is a beautifully designed hobbit style dwelling that is designed to be positioned either free-standing, or nestled into the side of a small hill in your garden. It features a traditional round, hinged door, grey stone stoop and styled interior. The windows have a round design with diagonal muntins. Barrels and a planter box are positioned along the front of the house. A seperate chimney is included with the bungalow. When the bungalow is nestled into a small hill or mound, the chimney (with stake) can be positioned above or beside the house, giving it an authentic hobbit style appearance.

An old style decorative oil lamp on a shepherds hook, mailbox. stepping stones, mini half barrel, pretty flower picks and red pull-along wagon are also included in the kit for you to create a magical landscape.

  • Bungalow features a hinged, opening door and interior styling. It has a seperate chimney with stake included
  • Stepping Stone Set comprises of 6 individual pieces
  • Flower set comprises of 2 pieces

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