Gnome Village Garden Kit

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In this miniature village, three gnome brothers lovingly tend to their garden. Brolan holds a silver watering can and tends to his prized succulents. Gnorman holds a rake, the red pull-along wagon filled with the days harvest from his garden. Sherman has a sweet little bluebird perched on his shoulder.

Their home is a beautiful, red brick hobbit style abode with a traditional round door. It features a lantern, barrel, broom and pots by the door. This house isdesigned to be free standing or can be nestled into the side of a small hill in your garden.

The garden shed has a styled interior that features all manner of garden tools, hinged double door and a side potting bench.

Additional items in this kit include an ornate path, twig style chair, five mini red mushrooms and stone sign with adorable red ladybugs.


  • Brick House features a hinged, opening door and interior styling
  • Garden Shed features hinged, opening double doors and interior styling
  • Mini mushroom set contains 5 pieces, variable 1.2 - 2.4cm high
  • Assorted vegetables range in size up to 3cm
  • Mushrooms and Gnome figurines feature stakes for secure positioning

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