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Our Gladioli Fire Collection (Gladioli x hortulanus) contains 5 each of five varieties (separately labeled):

  • Live Oak– Brighten any garden with tall and glamourous vivid orange flowers.
  • Oscar– Beautiful clear red blooms.
  • Jester– Bi-colour sunny yellow blooms with a red throat.
  • Chocolate– Delicious chocolate to deepest darkest red coloured flowers.
  • Plum Tart– Beautiful burgundy/red blooms.

Gladioli provide a beautiful show when in a vase in the home or out in the garden and this wonderful selection of fiery colours is sure to brighten and delight in the garden!

Flowering during spring in warmer regions and through summer in cooler temperate regions, Gladioli can be planted every 4-6 weeks throughout the season to provide a staggered display of colour.

Protection from strong winds is recommended.

Supplied as dormant bulbs.

Not available for WA, TAS or NT

*Delivery flat rate of $9.90, Australia wide - excluding WA, TAS and NT.

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