Fruity Parfuma


This rich coral-red bloom comes with an intoxicating fragrance, mixing ripe raspberries and rhubarb with a hint of musky patchouli. The lush floribunda bush grows to 80cm-1mH x 40-60cmW.

Order these bare-rooted roses now for stunning summer blooms!

The dormant roses are shipped bare-rooted with no foliage, so they look like thorny sticks. When they arrive, immediately soak the roots for at least 24 hours. Meanwhile, dig a hole measuring 30W x 25cmD and create a mound at the base of the hole. Place roots over and around mound, water the ‘moat’, then cover with soil. Water soil thoroughly and mulch to finish.

Freight per order $20. Extra WA quarantine surcharge per order $18.50.

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