Fairy Garden Makeover Bundle

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Need a little magic in your garden?

Transform your garden into an enchanted world filled with fairies, gnomes and charming adventures.

The Fairy Garden Makeover Bundle is filled with premium fairy garden pieces from the Fiddlehead Collection. It’s ideal for

• transforming a boring backyard into a fun, creative and inspirational space
• upgrading or extending your existing fairy garden

The high quality pieces in this collection are woodland themed with earthy tones, making them suitable for every garden design. We’ve included components that require vertical positioning (such as a tree or fence) to add extra dimension to your magical landscape. The “Fairies this way” hanging plaque is bound to spark curiosity! The fairy landing pad foyer and window can be positioned on a tree or any stable verticle surface. Open the door of this cleverly designed piece and explorers will discover a little foyer, a set of pixie boots and a secret internal door that only the fairies know how to open.

Both fairy houses in this bundle are “re-purposed things” because the fairies know that nothing is ever broken or useless, it just needs a little love and a new purpose. The watering can and teapot designs are made from high quality polystone and have a shimmering, metallic finish. Both feature opening doors and intricate detailing.

The range accessories includes a twig and wire style fence, ladder, birdbath, table, stools, stepping stones and sign. These fairy garden basics ensure that everyone, regardless of gardening skills, can create an enchanted miniature space. Complete the scene with some whimsical toadstools and populate with the included fairy and gnome figurines.


  • Watering Can and Teapot Houses have a hinged, opening doors
  • Toadstool set contains 4 individual pieces of variable size 4 to 5cm high, 4cm diam
  • Birdbath, fence, sign, fairy, gnome and mushrooms feature stakes for secure positioning
  • Stepping stone set comprises of 6 individual pieces
  • Fairies This Way Plaque features 24cm length of twine for hanging
  • Fairy Landing Pad Set features hinged, opening fairy door. Open to reveal an internal foyer with pixie boots and a set of fixed (non-opening) golden doors. Window features small window box.
  • Both door/foyer and window feature keyhole style hooks for hanging

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