Erythronium Pagoda

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Erythronium Pagoda (Erythronium californicum x tuolumnense) is a vigorous easy to grow variety that shows off a multitude of bright yellow flowers above the marbled green foliage once established.

Erythronium suits a woodland setting with dappled shade and prefers a moist shaded position in humus rich well drained soil. Also known as Trout Lilies, Erythronium are known to grow on the banks of trout streams, giving them this unflattering name. Frost hardy, Erythronium are ideal for pots and containers, rockeries and waterside plantings. A later Spring flowering bulb, they look wonderful growing under deciduous trees. Ensure soil stays moist even when plants are dormant.

Supplied as dormant bulbs.

Pack size: 1

Symbols: • Height 20-35cm • Planting width 10cm • Climate zones Z1-Z4

Delivery delays: The suppliers of Spring Flowering bulbs are experiencing delays in harvesting, packing and shipping this product. Staff shortages, weather issues and COVID-19 shutdowns have caused delays never seen before. Deliveries are expected to be up to date towards the end of March.  Rest assured, you will receive your bulbs with more than enough time to refrigerate them if they require before planting (in the case of Tulips and Hyacinths. For more information on planting your Spring Bulbs please refer to Garden Express’ Month by Month Bulb Guide.

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