Duo Digital Dual-Zone Air Fryer  - 2 x 4.5 Litre

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Revolutionise the way you cook with the Duo 2-Basket Digital Air Fryer! 

Featuring 12 preset cooking functions and a 60 minute digital timer on a large LED Display, the Kitchen Couture 2 x 4.5 Litre Basket Digital Dual-Zone Air Fryer takes your cooking to a whole new level of cooking convenience.

The genius SMART Finish Feature allows you to cook two different foods at different temperatures and set times. The intuitive temperature-controlled cooking feature allows the timers to program to finish at the same time for convenience.

- Brand: Kitchen Couture
- 2 × 4.5 litre cooking areas
- Smart Finish Feature – Cook 2 different foods in 2 different ways and finish at the same time
- Match Cook Feature - Copy settings across both zones for full 9 Litre capacity
- LED Digital display and touch screen
- One Touch Program
- 12 preset cooking functions: Preheat, fries, meat, chicken, steak, cake, shrimp, fish, pizza, vegetables, sausages, ribs
- 60-minute digital timer
- Adjustable digital temperature controls from 50-200 degrees Celsius
- Automatic shut-off function
- Intuitive temperature and time control
- Detachable baskets and non-stick Teflon-coated basket
- Dishwasher safe accessories
- Rapid Air Circulation Technology

- Type: Air Fryer
- Colour: Black
- Display Type: Led touch screen display
- Cooking Functions: 12
- 60 Minute Digital Timer
- Capacity: 9L (2 x 4.5 litre)
- Operating Temperature: 50 – 200 degrees Celsius
- Power Supply: 220-240V 50/60Hz
- Wattage: 1400-1600W
- Product Dimensions: 40cm (w) x36cm (d) x 32cm (h)

Package Contents:
- 1 x Air Fryer

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