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Our Dahlia Fire & Ice Collection (Dahlia hybrid) has 1 each of ten varieties (separately labelled):

  •  Sugartown Sunrise – A gorgeous pastel pink and pale lemon formal Decorative type Dahlia.
  • Gay Bright Eyes– A large flowering Cacti type with clean and clear bright yellow blooms.
  • Melissa– A stunning Cacti Dahlia.  Large orange petals shading down to the slightest hint of lemon makes this an absolute highlight in the garden.
  • Glenbank Icecap– A Ball type with pure white petals; looking all the world like a glowing white golf ball sitting above the dark green foliage.
  • Tequila Sunrise– Stunning golden yellow petals flushed with red makes this Decorative type a true highlight.  This variety truly lives up it's name and will create a sunrise of colour when in bloom.
  • Sunset– A Ball type that features dusty pink peach ball shaped blooms that open out reminiscent of old style Christmas decorations.
  • My Love– A beautiful Cacti type with large pure creamy white blooms.
  • Mountain Aurora– A beautiful bicolour Cacti Dahlia with golden yellow petals shading out to red tips.
  • Shirley’s Pride– A stunning clear red Decorative type.
  • Bushfire– A Decorative type that is sure to create a glow with bright orange-red buds opening with deep yellow highlights.

These brightly coloured favourites are a must in every sunny garden. Dahlias come in a number of different flower types, all with very different characteristics, but the one thing they all have in common is that they all have striking blooms in a multitude of different shapes and sizes. Their long lasting displays and great vase life makes all Dahlias a real favourite for cut flowers.

Dahlias prefer a full sun to part shade position, and are also ideal for pots and containers. Flowers usually take 120 days to bloom once planted, and with deadheading will flower for months from summer into autumn.

Supplied as dormant tuber.

Not available for WA, TAS or NT

*Delivery flat rate of $9.90, Australia wide - excluding WA, TAS and NT.

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