Couchmate (Set of 2) - The Best Selling Bamboo Multi-Fit Couch Arm Table


Join thousands of happy customers who have said hello to their new best mate, goodbye to spilt drinks, and having your TV remote at arm's reach!

The multi-fit Couchmate removes the uncomfortable stretch to the coffee table by having a stable surface at arm’s reach.

  • Will fit all couch & sofa arms (square, round, soft and inclined)
  • Each Couchmate measures 500mm wide x 230mm long
  • Felt lined underneath to protect your couch or sofa arm
  • Made from strong and durable ethically harvested natural Bamboo
Included in each box are 2 self-adhesive acrylic strips per couchmate, designed to be stuck underneath the Couchmate slats if being used on a couch arm that isn’t round – this creates a stable surface.

Included in each box are 4 self-adhesive foam bumpers (per couchmate), designed to be stuck underneath the Couchmate to ‘pad’ it out and fill any gaps underneath to create the ultimate stable surface.

Finished with Nitrocellulose lacquer for everyday use and to prevent wear and tear.

Q. Will this really work on a round, soft or non-square couch or sofa arm?

A: Yes. Included in the box are self-adhesive acrylic strips to ‘lock’ 4 slats together and 4 self-adhesive bumpers to pad the underneath out.

So, what are you waiting for? Add me to your cart and relax in style today!

    Postage: $9.99 flat rate shipping, Australia only. Product will be dispatched within 3-5 business days. Allow 7-10 business days for delivery.

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