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Our Calla Lily Spring Collection (Zantedeschia hybrids) has 1 of each four varieties (separately labelled):

  • Gold Crown– A beautiful sunny yellow variety. Guaranteed to brighten any spot when they are flowering!
  • Dark Eye– The lavender flowers with a darker eye makes this Calla very eye catching, whether it is growing in the garden or being used as a cut flower in a vase.
  • Mango– Delicious mango orange flowers that are held above spotted green and white foliage. Outstanding when grown in pots or in any sunny place in the yard.   
  • Callafornia Red–  A stunning variety that is compact and prolific variety that produces loads of deep pink to red flowers. Like all Callas, Callafornia Red lasts extremely well as a cut flower.

These spectacular blooms are very long lasting making them excellent cut flowers. Also known as Zantedeschia, our beautiful bulbs should produce between 3 and 7 flowers in their first year. Becoming stronger and more vigorous once settled in plants will provide pups in a year or two.

Best planted August – September in cool climates, once the risk of frost is over.

Supplied as a dormant bulb.

Not available for WA, TAS or NT.

*Delivery flat rate of $9.90, Australia wide - excluding WA, TAS and NT.

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