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Eastern Curlews are the largest of all the world’s shorebirds, and call their call, a mournful ‘Cuuuurrlew’, ringing out beautifully across vast coastal wetlands. Their impressive bill, which is characteristic of the species, is used to probe the mud and dig up crabs, their main food source in Australia. Sadly, its down-curved shape also mimics the decline of Australia’s migratory shorebirds. The Eastern Curlew occurs only in our flyway, and about 75 per cent of the world’s curlews winter in Australia, so we have a particular responsibility to protect coastal wetlands for them and the smaller shorebirds that live in their shadow.

Installation: Features a spike on the bottom of the bird to be installed into lawn, ground or pot plants. If you want to install it into a fence post as pictured, we recommend cutting a slot into the post first so as not to damage the bird when it's hammered in. 

Size: 27cm x 37cm

Material: 3mm Corten steel, designed to rust and age beautifully over time. 

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