Warm Climate Collection

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If you think you cannot enjoy a Spring bulb display in a warmer climate then think again, our Warm Climate Collection is for you. Enjoy our specially selected collection of Spring flowering bulbs that are more tolerant of warmer drier climates.

As an added bonus they don’t all flower at once giving an extended display. Perfect for naturalising or enjoying in pots or garden beds.

  • 10 Babiana Mixed
  • 6 Black Pearl Lilies
  • 10 Dutch Iris
  • 25 Freesia Mixed
  • 20 Ixia Mixed
  • 10 Jonquil Soleil d’Or
  • 20 Ranunculi Mixed
  • 10 Tritonia Pastel Mixed

Great Value  Save 30% – A total of 111 bulbs

Supplied as dormant bulbs

For more information on planting your Spring Bulbs please refer to Garden Express’ Month by Month Bulb Guide.

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