Ranunculi Collection

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Ranunculi Collection (Ranunculus asiaticus) consists of 20 each of four varieties

  • Cerise Pink- Magnificent deep pink blooms with a purplish tone.
  • Red- Add bright red highlights to your garden or pot.
  • White- Create glittering highlights with clusters of snow white blooms.
  • Yellow- Brighten up your garden with golden yellow blooms.

A tough and prolific bloomer, Ranunculus prefers a full sun position in well drained soil. Ranunculi have wonderful rich and bright blooms in both semi-doubles and double forms on tall sturdy stems. They look amazing when planted en masse in garden beds or pots and make a spectacular cut flower. In dry climates soak bulbs in a bowl of water for an hour before planting and plant with the legs facing down. Liquid fertilise regularly for a longer lasting show and repeat flowering. 

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