Star Burst Rose


(Korbimsala) - A spectacular display of splashed colour. First the bloom starts as a yellow cream base to soft pink edge splashed with deep pink/red turning to a white base in the open bloom. The flowers produced in large clusters, keep their attractiveness until the very end when the blooms release their petals. The bud is in the hybrid tea form but opens to allow a feast for bees. A very stable rose in colour and the relaxed bush is one of the best Kordes rose for health. Definitely a rose you will fall in love with and a must for those who love the unusual. 1.2m

Order these bare-rooted roses now for stunning summer blooms!

Freight per order: $17.00 and usually arrives within 14 business days.
WA Quarantine Surcharge per order: $16.50 ($33.50 total for WA delivery)

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