Hyacinth Mixed


Hyacinth Mixed (Hyacinthus orientalis) is a beautiful assortment of colours. Enjoy these highly perfumed blooms in pots, containers or garden beds. Hyacinths are highly prized for their colour and fragrance in the Spring garden. Ideal for growing in pots to bring inside to enjoy their beauty, these bulbs also grow well in garden beds or borders where wafts of fragrance are sure to delight in early Spring. Hyacinths need a chilling period so in warmer climates ensure they are refrigerated for a 6 week period before plantings, and for long lasting blooms a full sun to partly shaded position will ensure the beauties will perform to their fullest. You can also grow Hyacinths in a vase. 

Pack Size: 5

• Height 20-25cm • Planting width 15cm • Climate zones Z1-Z4 • Full sun • Part sun  • Good for pots • Cut flowers

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