Fritillaria Uva Vulpis

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Fritillaria Uva Vulpis (Fritillaria uva vulpis) is a delightful woodland plant that has bell-shaped maroon flowers with yellow lips.

Fritillaria are a cooler climate bulb that flowers in Spring. Requiring a well drained soil, these bulbs enjoy a dappled light or partly shaded situation, and make an ideal pot or container plant but potting mix used must be for bulbs. Fritillaria are perfect for planting under trees where little else will grow. For best results plant bulbs on a slight angle, with the small point or indentation to the top.

Supplied as dormant bulbs

Pack size: 3

Symbols: • Height 40cm • Planting width 10cm • Climate zones Z1-Z5

Delivery delays: The suppliers of Spring Flowering bulbs are experiencing delays in harvesting, packing and shipping this product. Staff shortages, weather issues and COVID-19 shutdowns have caused delays never seen before. Deliveries are expected to be up to date towards the end of March.  Rest assured, you will receive your bulbs with more than enough time to refrigerate them if they require before planting (in the case of Tulips and Hyacinths. For more information on planting your Spring Bulbs please refer to Garden Express’ Month by Month Bulb Guide.

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