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A gorgeous collection of fragrant roses including


From buds that are almost black come stunning and sensuous cupped flowers that are violet-red, before turning into a spectrum of colours ranging from red to violetpurple, enhanced by a floral and fruity fragrance. This Hybrid Tea is exceptionally resistant to disease and won the prestigious ADR award in 2014 and a Bronze Medal and the Most Fragrant Rose award at the Adelaide National Rose Trials in 2016. Bushy but neat, it grows to 1.2m.

This magnificent pink-mauve double bloom gives off a rich, complex fragrance of  apple and lychee, with a finishing touch of creamy geranium. The Floribunda grows upright and comes with the famous Kordes health. A Silver Medal winner at the National Rose Trials and the 2019 People’s Choice award. It grows to 80cm.

The dark pink buds of this upright Kordes Floribunda rose produce exceptionally 
fragrant, old-world shaped, delicate-pink blooms. The intense, sweet perfume sings
of fresh lemon and apple. Grows to 70cm.

A wonderfully intoxicating anise fragrance is accompanied by a hint of spice and honey to make this Floribunda unique. The large apricot-cream blooms grow in umbels. This hardy, multi-award-winning rose is heat resistant and grows to 1.8m in warmer climates.

The intense, yet fresh, perfume of this Hybrid Tea has helped it win multiple awards. Add to this its strong health and beautiful form. The stunning pink blooms are produced in abundance on long, almost thornless, stems. Grows to 1.5m.

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