Dragon Castle Garden Kit


Where a majestic castle once stood, dragons have taken over, keeping watch over the gold and riches held deep inside the castle's vaults. Dragons have long been feared by the common folk, but those with brave hearts and adventurous spirits who have ventured closer to the pride learn that these great creatures are intelligent, noble and vigilant. Befriend a dragon and you have a friend and protector for life!

Included in the Dragon Castle Garden Kit:

  • Dragon Castle Facade
  • Fiddlehead Stone Bridge
  • Woodland Ladder
  • Set of six Ancient Stepping Stones - Square
  • Crooked Lamp Post x 2
  • Duck Pond
  • Baby Dragon with Ladybug
  • Baby Dragon with Butterfly/Red
  • Long Neck Dragon
  • Baby Dragon - Roaring/Red
  • Baby Dragon - Happy

All products are made from polystone and are suitable for indoor/outdoor use.

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