Daffodil Favourites Collection

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Our Daffodil Favourites Collection consists of four varieties

  • Accent - Stunning crisp white flowers with a ruffled pink trumpet.
  • Home Fires - Brilliant orange-red centers. This variety is very hardy and quick to multiply.
  • Ice Follies - Large very pretty frilled lemon cups with white petals.
  • Magnifique - Features a very large trumpet or cup. An early flowering traditional yellow daffodil this variety is very reliable year after year.

The traditional symbol of Spring, Daffodils are ideal for pots, tubs and the garden. Leave in the ground year after year and the bulbs will multiply and create large clumps of colour. Excellent as a cut flower to bring Spring indoors, Daffodils look great when planted under trees. Ideal planted in clumps, either on their own as a feature, in a mix with other Spring flowering bulbs, or with a border of Grape Hyacinths or Spring Stars. Better suited to the cooler climates; best treated as an annual in areas that do not get a cold Winter or have a short hot Spring. 

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